(SJRK) Partners Meeting July 10, 2018

SJRK logo

  • Like the Uniqlo logo http://www.uniqlo.com/ca/en/

  • J has a lot of negative space

  • Stitches / stitching idea maybe doesn’t work as stand-alone (out of context)

Liam: (10:07 AM)

  • I like the quilting metaphor :) I like the idea of weaving experiences and ideas together

  • “breaking it up”- the tile design also looks cool as it shows pieces coming together as well

  • with the negative space, maybe the J could extend upwards to the top of the tile (to convey an idea growing out from the project and influencing the world at large

  • I could also possibly see colours changing the way this is perceived and multiple different colour configurations would look and feel different

  • for different pages on (or version of)  the site for example

  • Repair kit / first aid kit - the red + idea - superimpose? Like the idea conceptually but not so much in reality :)

monochrome for logos certainly makes sense

juliana: (10:16 AM)

I like the idea that it looks like a stamp

Liam: (10:23 AM)

is there anywhere where the letters would be spelled out all horizontally?

  • How to make it less rigid and capture the dynamic nature of the project and of social justice?

  • How to capture a sense of all the different facets of this program? All the different work that the partners are doing?

  • Could the blocks move in and out in some way?

  • Consider different languages

  • Could we use a gradient in some way -

  • Play with reverse colours - black on white with white on black

  • Could the logo incorporate speech bubbles somehow?

  • Or a mola logo? (sketch)


  • the shorter intro blurb could be tweet length

  • the background of the footer could also be that quilting aesthetic

  • “Get involved” - link to something other than wiki - could be confusing/annoying

    • Take instead to a page in the site that explains all the different ways they could get involved - introduce the different resources

  • Categorizing resources would help a lot

  • List different ways of getting involved, ordered easiest (check out the resources) to ones that require more effort (becoming a partner)