(SJRK) May 1, 2018 Partners Meeting Notes


  • Alan

  • Dana

  • Gregor

  • James

  • Liam

  • Michelle


  • It’s May Day, so many of our usual participants have the day off

  • Talking about the complicated history of May Day and Labour Day

  • Talking about the nature of labour and work

  • Compiling the summaries for each partner’s work:

  • U.S. small grants interested in work in Rwanda - youth cooperatives

  • Things which are called Platform Cooperatives but in fact are extractive economies (Uber, Airbnb)

  • Grab in Malaysia is an example of one that apparently is more of a cooperative: https://www.grab.com/my/

  • James waiting for feedback on the report (2nd round)

  • Working out action plan for Rwanda going forward for this year / next year

  • Liam - Integrating work into other ongoing projects - in-built participant groups, in-built audiences

    • Is that OK? YES!

    • People in office (TIG) have tangibles to work toward

  • Guelph A11y Conference

    • Alan speaking at it

    • Liam would like to go, represent SJRK

    • Alan went last year and found it to be really good - a good mix of people

  • Alan, Dana and James remotely joined the gathering in Cartagena on Saturday, introduced ourselves briefly, waved a lot

  • Issues around internet reliability and infrastructure (and lack thereof) - unexpected takeaway from this project

  • Net neutrality

  • DEEP 2018 - birthday party!

    • Hope to have another SJRK gathering at same time