(SJRK) February 6, 2018 Partners Meeting Notes


  • Alan

  • Dana

  • Gregor

  • Juliana

  • Liam

  • Michelle

Should we use Skype for these meetings??



  • Working on the plan

  • Visit to Fresno was helpful to understand the difficulties and access to the town

  • Fresno is not in the middle of the jungle, but it takes time to get there and is not easy to move on the road

  • Need to understand very clearly in the schedule where and who and how much it will cost

  • Have more clarity now for time and resources

  • Don’t want the project to look like a technical project i.e. how to build a beehive, or how to fix engines, rather a project to think about the future

  • The near future of this group of young students - combine artistic workshops with technical issues

  • E.g. visit farms, combine with artistic narrative approach - gather some artists

  • Including Medellin - Julieta - they have an urban orchard - lack of land

    • Have her come to Fresno to talk about orchards

  • In Fresno - the opposite, lots of land but they don’t want to work on it

  • Conversations important for both groups

  • Planning 4 workshops - writing, orchards, photography, comics

  • Students will choose 4 or 5 themes  - combine technical subjects in these workshops

    • We are not able to teach “how to fix”, rather social problems, digital tools,

  • Work in Medellin is easier - one group, already organised, easier to know what they want, not in a school model

  • In Fresno have to be more proactive, propose more, trial and “error”, have to follow the teacher’s lead (school model)

  • Planning a big workshop in Bogota or Medellin - have a group of students from Fresno to join as well

  • Flight tickets are quite expensive right now (3X) so travel is difficult, and Colombian peso is gaining value.

  • Might be better to have gathering in Medellin at Platohedro, which is a creative space - would be good for kids from Fresno to see what goes on there

  • Could someone from IDRC come to Colombia and be in the workshop? We will look into it - this would be in May or June

  • “The problem of the land” - a complex problem, of justice, who has the right to the land? Who owns the land?


  • Streamline the deliverables

    • Video project in Indigenous communities - relates to Create to Learn including drone tech and gopro cameras…

    • SDG guide to action relates to youth service initiative

      • Guide in SJRK context a little more general

    • Thinking of ways to ensure the grant projects are as inclusive as possible

  • https://funding.tigweb.org/

IDRC/Learning Reflections site

  • Planning to embed the Storytelling Tool into a microsite

  • To gather stories from learners about learning, how we learn, barriers to learning, etc.

  • IDRC would like to have a codesign session using the tool in order to get feedback

  • This session could be on-site and/or remotely

  • Liam thinks there could be some connections across the TIG network both at a project level and more broadly at the TIGed level

  • How many people and what sort of timeline?

    • Thinking mid to late March for a codesign session

    • Maybe about 10 people?

  • Could be using the tool and getting feedback at a more broad scale as we get it out there, but initially we’d like to get a smaller session


  • Connect with Create to Learn - but maybe test it out somewhat first

  • Teacher network as well - students and teachers engage in discussion about education system

  • Talanoa - storytelling for change/impact/dialogue - could also see having a connection

  • A wide range of people to participate

  • TIG staff could be a target group as well

  • Could also gather students from Colombia to use it remotely and/or to have a co-design session on-site in Colombia in May/June!