(SJRK) September 26, 2017 Partners Face-to-face Planning Meeting

Oct 11, 12 - DEEP http://deep.idrc.ocadu.ca/

Oct 14 - fun activities in Toronto


Location TBD - outdoors if weather permits! Gather at 205 Richmond

Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10hrHlvmRkQ2gmfWHVTyv6_T_25p04AhWRlK0j7HwHJ0/edit?usp=sharing





Coffee and snacks



Inclusive Design, Co-design and SJRK Project framing



  • Who are “the youth”?

  • What are the gaps that youth/groups are experiencing?

  • What are the priorities?

  • Twitter campaign results or other?

All, including young folks and youth groups in person or remote




Brainstorm the resources that we want to include

  • Where do we go to fill the gaps

  • Start a design challenge event?

  • Research





Unanswered questions - the current known unknowns in each of our work



Group timeline activity - progress so far, identify overlaps, issues, ways to support each other to achieve project goals





Group timeline continued - progress so far, identify issues, overlaps, ways to support each other to achieve project goals




SJRK meeting notes - Sept 26


  • hector silvia pilar confirmed

  • silvia arrives on the 7th but has a place to stay until the 10th

  • catalina?

  • james confirmed

  • 2 houses reserved

  • shea? from coleman institute - instead of lizbeth?

  • 1st house booked night of 14th leaving on 15th

  • 2nd house not sure of 15th - need to sort this out

  • hector arriving on 9th

  • James arriving on the 8th?

Plan for the Day:

  • 10-3 on the day?

  • Jutta will provide a kind of intro to inclusive design and relation to SJRK project

  • Plus some framing for rest of discussion - invisible disability?

  • Those excluded from traditional schooling

  • a group timeline exercise seems useful - so we can all see each others timelines / objectives and then determine overlaps and ways of supporting each other

  • potentially w the different work tracks as distinct and interdependent facets

  • also stating our work packages as smart goals, sharing the milestones, indicators would be nice, so we have a common vocabulary and ways of measuring our impact and process

  • it would also be nice to get outside and maybe spend sometime in a park

  • Silvia: (10:38 AM)

  • Yes Liam!!

  • Liam: (10:39 AM)

  • maybe setting up a glossary of terms for the purposes of this project so we have common vocabularies and understandings of things

  • OER? Open Education Resource

  • unanswered questions - the current known unknowns in each of our work

  • Liam - I dunno about the others, but we could aim to see some of the spots around Toronto

  • Re: Saturday activities I also wanted to confirm that - I currently have the Saturday also blocked for this - and it will remain so unless / until hear otherwise

  • we could also (potentially) aim to organically engage with each other (over the lunch times for example)

  • could go to Grange park if the weather is nice

  • how can we avoid four walls and fluorescent lights?

  • Silvia - AI and machine learning discussion?

  • Brainstorm the resources that we want to include

    • Where are the gaps

    • Where do we go to fill those gaps

    • Start a design challenge event?

    • Research

  • How do we do assessment models of co-design?

  • What do the youth groups want/require/need in order to be welcoming to youth with LD

  • Deconstruct how performance is measured and evaluated

    • Do a critique of status quo?

  • Funders have expectations

    • diversity-supportive measures and quality metrics as a resource for us as well as for the youth groups

  • Hewlett has made progress in this area

  • P4A project

  • Start with: What are the gaps that the youth and youth groups are feeling?

    • What are the priorities

    • Do an exercise

    • Possible to bring some of the young folks to the event? With TIG?

    • Or video conference them in?

    • Liam going to Nunavut tomorrow - can explore it

    • Make a quick video? Or audio? Less invasive

    • A quick way to submit challenges to SJRK! Using Twitter or ?

      • #sojustrepairit

      • Here is the problem, try to fix it

  • Can we open the meeting up to some of the youth groups somehow?

  • To do: which youth groups to invite and how to get them here?

  • Ping the email list for ideas from all partners