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General & Adjusters

Document the intentional design choices to receive user feedback on interaction & community feedback on design elements

Wireframe exemplars for each tool (iteration 1: keyboard, hot corner, and touchscreen based PCPPMT preference navigation configurations)

  • create interface variation in PMT, mini-PMT, PCP  to help define the different activity spaces
  • create responsive design to the various devices supported (desktop, kiosk, tablet, mobile, etc.)
  • refine the fidelity of the PMT and PCP designs

Finalize behaviour between PCP & PMT ( draft 1 )
  • launching PMT & PCP initially and subsequently  

    • opting in to PCP from PMT?
  • choosing preferences to populate PCP from the PMT
  • inference as a means to populate PCP with "top" preferences
  • setting PCP configuration (persistent panel/collapsible, hot-corner/widget, etc.)
  • saving preferences to the cloud
    • directly from PCP? or only from PMT? auto-saving?
  • user login/logout and feedback
    • directly from PCP? or only from PMT? or another tool?
    • feedback to indicate successful login/logout
  • status notification of preferences (e.g. applied but not saved to cloud, only some applied, applications need restarting, etc.)
Adjuster interaction and feedback ( draft 1 )
  • specify keyboard interaction & shortcuts 
  • specify audio 'previews'







PCP: iterate on pilot 2 designs

Applying preferences

    • think through solutions for limitations to live-apply preferences - requiring some applications to restart (e.g., only populate PCP with preferences that can be applied live / give user notification of applications that need restarting in order to apply preferences /rethink purpose of PCP )

PMT: iterate on pilot 2 designs & advance functions (Jan's designs)

( advance functions: iteration 1iteration 2,  iteration 3: account settings & set settings ) 

Authentication (user login/logout) & Security/Privacy
    • use cases (to ensure we have thought of the various ways a user will need to login and out of a GPII-enabled device)
    • conflict resolution for multiple users (question)
Preference sets
    • sharing (post snapshot hyperlink, export file, sync through Cloud)
    • receiving (email/link, file, directly in PMT)
    • editing, deleting and applying
    • adding conditions
      • how does a user manage multiple preference sets that are intended for different devices and contexts
      • base set behaviour (concept of exceptions to base set vs. concept of multiple sets)

Matchmaker settings
    • recommendations on/off
    • recommendations setting for specific devices, topics, frequencies, parameters
Navigating preferences
    • search (where and how search field is presented, presentation of search results)
    • categories