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titleThe questions on this page will be used as a guide when we visit and have conversations with exhibition designers at the museums. It is a work in progress. Please check back for updates!


  • What kinds of content do you have in your exhibitions? (primary (i.e. actual exhibition) and auxiliary (e.g. books, posters, etc.))
  • Are you using any current technologies, such as Facebook or podcast, to extend people's experience with an exhibition?
  • What is the source of your exhibition content?
  • What frustrates you most about selecting, designing, and generally working with exhibition content material?

4.2.1. Potential types of material

Exhibit displays and labels
Online exhibition
Mobile device experience
Audio tours
Printed materials
Marketing and advertisement
Exhibition takeaways (e.g., books, CDs, etc. from gift shop)

4.4 Content presentation

Lead question: