Infusion 1.3 Testing Notes - Inline Edit

Simple Inline Edit


FLUID-1067: No longer an issue? Test plan doesn't seem to capture this.
FLUID-1767: Test plan doesn't catch this.
FLUID-2075: Undo Edit icon.

Win7 + FF3.6:
Test plan passes.

Win7 + IE8:
Test 31-9 fails. "9.undo container should not be visible"

Rich Inline Edit


  • FLUID-3909: Undo Edit link appears after cancelling and no edits performed.
  • Non-standard characters not preserved when pasted into editor.
  • No focus styling for Edit or Undo links.
  • FLUID-3887: Tooltip text is inaccurate.
  • FLUID-3911: Rich text demo has different mouse and keyboard interactions.
  • Rich edit invitation text misleading. "click edit" doesn't apply to keyboard users.

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