Infusion 1.3 Testing Notes - Reorderer

Image Reorderer:


  • Last item wraps up to middle of row above with No-wrap enabled. To reproduce:
  1. Resize the image reorderer demo so items are arranged with 4 images on row 1 and 2 images on row 2.
  2. Keyboard focus the last item on row 2.
  3. Press CTRL+Right arrow.
  4. The last item gets bumped to the row above in position 3.

Occurs in IE8 and FF3.6 on Win7

  • drag avatar styling is incorrect: image not properly scaled to container, and image label positioned out of visible area or to left of image. Occurs in IE8 and IE7.

Win7 + IE8

  • Really odd focus bug, to reproduce:
  1. Load the image reorderer demo.
  2. Resize the browser window so that vertical bars appear.
  3. Keyboard navigate to the image reorderer and keyboard focus the last item.
  4. Hit F5 to refresh the page.
  5. Last item should still appear to be in focus.
  6. Press CTRL+Up to move item up.
  7. Notice now that focus has moved off the image reorderer and onto the surrounding container.

This bug does not appear in FF3.6 on Win7. Bug does not appear in Layout Reorderer.

Win7 + FF3.6

  • All is fine.

Layout Reorderer:

WinXP + FF3.6