(Floe) UI Options Design

Version C (2012)

Goals: Provide users with two ways of adjusting preferences: 1) Enabling common, very high-level preset options, or 2) Adjusting specific, granular preferences. Differentiated from the previous version by:

  1. Introduction of presets
  2. Extensibility (form of UIO can now handle addition of future preferences) & responsive design
  3. Search through granular preferences by name, keyword, activity, etc.
  4. Multiple ways to sort/categorize preferences (e.g., commonness, recency, function, etc.)
  5. Persistence and management of profile

Latest High-Fidelity
Interaction Walkthrough
Design Specifications

Version B (2010-2011)

Goals: Provide a small set of mid-granular preferences (< 12 total), categorized by preference function. Differentiated from the previous version by:

  1. Categorization (functional categories vs. more ambiguous needs)
  2. Reduction of granularity
  3. On-page, real-time preferences (instead of separate page, asynchronous preferences)

Feature List
Mockups in ILDH

Version A (2008-2009)

Goals: Provide very granular preferences, categorized by activity/need (e.g., "easier to see", "easier to use").

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