Create a one-page website for the project




As someone interested in learning more about our project, I should be able to visit the project's website to read about it and find key links.


For the first version, our website should provide a brief overview of the project's goals, what it is building, and suggest some ways that prospective participants can contribute or get more involved, and who to contact to ask questions. The audience for this first version of the website should include:

  1. Teachers who may want to participate in co-design the coding tool, or who may have curriculum, lesson plans, or activities that they want to share
  2. Parents or students who may want to attend a coding event, camp, or activity that we organize, or who might want to try out the coding tool and share feedback
  3. Designers, developers, and experts who may want to contribute to the project's development

The website should be able to answer a few key questions, including:

  1. What is the Coding to Learn and Create Project?
  2. What are you building?
  3. Who's involved?
  4. What are some ways I can get involved or contribute?
  5. How do I get in touch with someone to ask questions or help me get involved?


A website is available to visit, and which can be shared via social media, on printed materials, etc. The website should answer the key questions listed above. The website should convey, both visually and in the style of writing, that we are an open, playful, experimental, and inclusive community.


  1. Design the Project's Brand Identity

  2. A tagline
  3. Copy that summarizes the project
  4. A call to action - possibly request first and last names along with email addresses using a Mailchimp form