Add an Activities or News section to the website where we can share works in progress and accomplishments

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As a funder or prospective participant in the project, I should be able to see periodic summaries of what the project has been working, along with links to learn more or to see demonstrations.


A major goal of the project is to build a community around the tools and resources we are designing. By creating a section of the website that allows us to summarize co-design activities, share and summarize technology demos, and ideas for design prototypes/storyboards/etc., we provide a way for participants to informally follow our progress and learn about our ideas before they've been fully baked. This will also help provide more specific and informative reports at a lower cost of effort.


  1. There is a news or activities section of the site (perhaps similar to the Cities site), where people can see summaries of work in progress
  2. We have a workflow and timeline for adding new posts


  1. Create a one-page website for the project