Super Easy Video Recording Setups

The Project


Project Website [if available]:


Just the beginnings of a page requesting for case studies and video equipment "packages" that help fulfill specific needs. For example:

  • "Easy portable video recording setups for different budgets: $1000, $2000, $5000" 
  • "Ideal video recording and editing setup for Native language teaching and learning,"
  • "Easy AV setup for capturing and editing in-classroom lectures, whiteboard content, and PowerPoint presentations in a distributable package"
  • "Budget-friendly video recording setup for interviews using equipment you probably already have."


Goals of Project

  • Design stations that facilitate easy, high-quality, video recordings that can be operated by students and faculty without requiring much technical knowledge.
  • Design stations that are easy to "reset" to useful defaults and / or can easily switch between different profiles without much technical knowledge (e.g. best quality video vs. small file sizes, single vs. multiple audio source recording)

Action Items

  • Identify breadth of video recording setups that are of interest and relevance.
  • Submit case studies / examples of video capture and editing setups that work well, especially without requiring much technical background (i.e. students and faculty can easily engage)

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