User Interface Options User Research

Problem Statement

In order to adequately address the needs of a broad spectrum of users, it is unclear:

  1. how many preset templates are needed
  2. if further color palette variations of the template are needed
  3. and if yes, how many variations per template
  4. how many customizable options are needed

In the context of the User Interface Options component:

  • Template: specification of the settings of user interface options designed to accommodate one or more groups of users (e.g., high contrast)
  • Color palette: different color variations available to the template that the user can select (e.g., yellow on black)
  • Custom Options: settings exposed to the user that can be customized to the user's preference (e.g., text size +2)


Would like to inquire of 3 or more users from each of these categories:


  • To answer the problem statement
  • To discover any additional information pertinent to UI Options


  • Utilize resource centers at Toronto and Berkeley that have access to the users we are looking for
  • Informal interview with users reviewing the BBC Display Options interface
  • Fall back on anecdotal review by subject matter experts of the BBC Display Options interface if actual users are out of reach or scope