Mobile design overview


- Design of a mobile application supporting the in-museum visitor experience by allowing visitors to explore artifacts in the space more deeply

Intended usage (the 'Engage 0.3' scenario)

- In-museum usage focus, not out-of-museum collections browsing
- Functionality:
  - List of the current and upcoming exhibitions
  - Detailed exhibition information, particularly for current exhibitions
  - Ccatalogue of artifacts in exhibit, organized by exhibit themes/physical sections
  - Detailed artifact information, including:
    - Artifact image
    - Tombstone label
    - Extended description
    - Media related to the artifact (audio, video)
    - Links to artifacts related to the pivot artifact
  - Quick access to artifact information when in front of the artifact itself in the space (for instance, using object codes + keypad entry, RFIDs, 2D barcodes)
  - The ability to collect artifacts and view them at a later point, including from home at the desktop
  - The ability to comment on artifacts and exhibitions