April 2014 PMT PCP Design Status

Based on the PCP/PMT planning meeting of April 9, 2014, the following categories were identified for areas of future/ongoing work.  Within each category are links to current design work.

Contexts and Conditions

advance-gathered.pdf page 4, 11-15

Handling Application-Specific Terms in PMT (GPII-532)

I know we had some wireframes that showed a bit of this...

JV: currently only through creating application specific set

Security and Advanced Features (PMT)


Jan-Paul's frames

Preference Set Sharing




advance-gathered.pdf page 7

Logging In and Out

Username/password fields etc.

advance-gathered.pdf  pages 5-6, 8-10

Notes on behaviour between PMT & PCP (Jan 15 2014)

Notes on PMT & PCP saving (Oct 9 2013)

PMT advance features response to login issues

Launching the Tools?

see Sam wireframes

Matchmaker Feedback/Recommendations

PMT-login-sharing-recommendations.pdf page 4

Preference population/availability (MMs and user defined)

frames that show favourited prefs in PCP

Breadth of Usable Common Terms

Support for different taxonomies

user-defined categories through searching or other?

?Ingesting current device settings

is this on the to-do list?

First Discovery/First Use Tool

advance-gathered.pdf pages 1-3

Discovery Cats - First Discovery


Support for Searching

advance-gathered.pdf pages 1-3

  • will help users find prefs and possibly also create their own categories

  • can be used to "train" the MMs

Service and Resource Conflict

  • service conflict (when multiple users access the same services)
    do we have wireframes?
  • resource conflict (when services share limited resources simultaneously)
  • (A102.6) - DoW: identification of approaches, doesn't say anything about implementation

Support for Selection of (or return to) “Default” Selection

  • needs to be possible to select and store for each setting (ie. actively selecting “I want whatever the applications defaults might be")
  • return to default = "erasing[?]" previous selection/adjustment
  • complies with a CRUD design for each setting

GPII-241: Ensure that PCP works under Android (A302.2 - FVE -)