Floe plans, May 2012 onward

Week of May 14th

Week of May 21st

  • Re-define UIO: problems that users face, and the goal of UIO (cont’d thru week of May 28st)
    • Brainstorming for new directions for UIO (cont’d thru week of May 28st)
      • Distill research into enumeration of user characteristics/traits (that affects use of products/systems) (i.e., alternative to user modeling)
      • Enumeration of features, functionality?
      • (Maybe a (high-level) scenario or two to articulate when/where/how UIO would be used?)

Week of May 28th

  • Video player design work (Joanna has some mockups)
    • Increased UIO integration
    • As per the video player roadmap chart

Week of June 4th

  • UIO design iteration (may start earlier)
  • Which configurations?
    • Web: fat panel, skinny panel, full-page, in-line, drop-down, etc. (also, responsive)
    • Mobile: independent or responsive version of above?
    • Browser: extension
  • Where does GPII/Cloud4All integration occur?