Twitters from MoMA's "What features would you like in an museum iPhone app?"

On July 2, 2009, MoMA's twitter (@MuseumModernArt) asked the question, "What features would you like to see in an iPhone app for a specific museum?"

The following are the twitter responses to that question. (A categorized version of this list is also available)

mukei @MuseumModernArt Audio/Graph explaination, Installation interact., path tracking w/in mus, if pic->share by wifi->display screen at entrance

WendyE40 @MuseumModernArt downloadable tours either preset by museum (nonstandard ie botanical thru collection) or info on any piece w/key in

boogielib @MuseumModernArt  app like "Love Art National Gallery"

frithastrand @MuseumModernArt artist quotes and facts - i want to learn! techniques and tips would be cool too! thanks

GettyMuseum @MuseumModernArt Are you designing iPhone app for MoMA? On collection?

inthegan @MuseumModernArt ...visuals

kfleisch @MuseumModernArt an inventory app or an app where you could draw funny faces, add to paintings

krockstar @MuseumModernArt @CNN I'd love to see a brief synopsis of how the work can be interpreted

hsginct @MuseumModernArt Let me see info about specific pieces by entering some identifier

vlights @MuseumModernArt Ability to pay for museum shows and book seats for lectures and other activities.

postsilence @MuseumModernArt an app that asks specific, open Q's to the user based on what work they're looking at? responses can be seen by all users?

catchthenoise @MuseumModernArt Quick access to the day's special events--movies, lectures, concerts, etc.

blainestar @MuseumModernArt major works of the permanent collection w/ history/analysis, artist info & works in collection, & special exhibit features

justinph @MuseumModernArt What @bywaman said. We need to make a public museum tuner (like Public Radio Tuner).

bwyman @MuseumModernArt I wouldn't want it for a specific museum. I'd want an app that'd work in *any* museum that's providing content.

Bauhaus2YrHouse @MuseumModernArt Context like, "and here's what arch, lit, fashion, polictics, etc." looked like at the time. Shock of new becomes vivid!

claydonyc @MuseumModernArt ability to buy and bypass ques, notification of new shows and ability to virtually 'walk through' permanent exhibits

neoshamanicart @MuseumModernArt A pandora-like application where u can search a database of artists @ the musuem and cross reference w/ influential artists

emilbeckwilcox @MuseumModernArt digital guest book that could be displayed twitterfall style in gallery, constantly updating

Bauhaus2YrHouse @MuseumModernArt Didactic lables offer so much already! Sometimes, too much. But what has given me real ah-ha's is timeline context.

emilbeckwilcox @MuseumModernArt dwnld bibliography for further research, videos of artists talking about works

michael1952 @MuseumModernArt for great iPhone apps 4 art check out UK Tate Media's work for their Contrutivism & Futurism shows.....EXCELLENT

grabgirl @MuseumModernArt Omg! An art app would be awesome! Searching by category or theme would be great! I'm an art teacher, would help w/plannin

joshkc @MuseumModernArt recorded tour guides. Updated maps. Cafe schedules. Theatre showtimes. Where & how2 find more of what you specifically like

mcmvanbree @museummodernart GPS enabled floor plan!

soysaucyy @MuseumModernArt - app that brings you on a scavenger hunt through the museum!

peterknox @MuseumModernArt floor maps, audio clips, event listings, guest sign ins, discount alerts, email ready invites, itinerary check lists.

LaBazzica @MuseumModernArt exhibition/event schedule, virtual galleries, app-specific works, basic info

goodluckpaige @MuseumModernArt latest exhibits and special rates! oh, and a contest where i can win a free trip to new york. deal.

slicknik25 @MuseumModernArt usual general info (hrs, events, special exhibits, etc), film calendar, news, updates about the line

nicolevml @MuseumModernArt usual general info (hrs, events, special exhibits, etc), film calendar, news, updates about the line

RumbleART @MuseumModernArt We're designing an app as well! Definitely a calendar of events, and teaser images from various exhibitions.

skyekat @MuseumModernArt Your audio commentary is great, but also interactive info on the items on display would be great, with links to more info

wagnerinstitute @MuseumModernArt artist bios, and other works by the artist in the collection or not in the collection

olovsu @MuseumModernArt geo tagging for art/design/architecture city walks

GrtGrndLdr @MuseumModernArt possibility to see all of the general exhibition on app. History of featured artists.

scotsullivan @MuseumModernArt QR code - behind the scenes info.. typographic risks, general design risks..

jennbarnett @MuseumModernArt hours, directions, info on current special exhibits, notices of any exhibits/areas that might be closed that day, tickets

apbrenn @MuseumModernArt Floor plans and exhibition dates with alerts would be fantastic.

jonrendell @MuseumModernArt WANTS re: Museum app - List of podcasts for download to tour various exhibits.

shadow @MuseumModernArt it depends which museum; I loosely tossed around what I'd want in an @MattressFactory iPhone app but no time to write one.

LLJessR @MuseumModernArt maps of the museum, stream audio tours....

BStephenson @MuseumModernArt Also, if your iPhone app can make fart sounds and also be a flashlight, that would be killer!

emilbeckwilcox @MuseumModernArt gps map of galleries, option to tag favorite pieces and view other visitors faves, dwnld music to correspond with art

hummingbirdx @MuseumModernArt tabs for: current exhibits, movies, special events - each item clickable for further detail.  And tab for flagged items

ofbondstreet @MuseumModernArt a map to find your favorite artists in the different galleries

MataHariMeow @MuseumModernArt User comments for individual pieces. Easy # access for looking up art works, similar works we may find interesting.

antennaaudio @MuseumModernArt ...One answer? Check out AntennaAudio's beautiful new app #Pentimento. Been a great success thus far!

TheUnknownChef @MuseumModernArt to be able to browse a current exhibit

floodfish @MuseumModernArt Come to think of it, that could be the same app for many museums! They'd just have to be using the same schema.

floodfish @MuseumModernArt Use GPS/compass to show my location on floorplan and which art I'm standing near, click on art for text/audio/etc about it

bailart @MuseumModernArt ....Calender of events, works of art they are displaying

irasocol @NYHistory @MuseumModernArt 1st, not just iPhone. Build cross platform-be less elitist. 2nd, for MOMA? Free admission app

ryan_whitehead @MuseumModernArt social element is key!

ryan_whitehead @MuseumModernArt guide to "related" works in the museum & other museums, "timeline" linking to non-art events, virtual "commenting", etc.

KimVallee @MuseumModernArt I would like to have easy access to the schedule of the current exhibits. Even reserve/buy my tickets 4 tours on my iPhone

nytbw @MuseumModernArt gallery guides & upcoming events.  being able to browse through your collection via iPhone would also be cool.

sandman_gr @MuseumModernArt news feeds for current shows, updated info on admission hours/ticket pricing, info on queueing, display of the day feature

kjhin @MuseumModernArt I think the schedules, introductions and the last day alert of exhibitions and events should be the #1 for the iPhone app.

MaxwellKnubee @MuseumModernArt high quality pics of featured artist, and house collection w/ descriptions

morgst @MuseumModernArt 1) an app could give you information on an object you are looking at, or suggest resources on it. 2) a site specific game.

CarlNYC @MuseumModernArt and I should be able to enter audio guide numbers while in the museum to listen through my headphones

TaraLSF @MuseumModernArt with map & audio tour, option to submit order for materials related to artist or work, then pick up in museum store

CarlNYC @MuseumModernArt something that describes upcoming exhibits and gives member preview dates

SarahM @MuseumModernArt Easy ways to look up Wikipedia and other relevant write-ups on the individual works of art, the collections, the bldg, etc.

sampocker @MuseumModernArt stun gun.

richaviles @MuseumModernArt Virtual tour, ticket purchasing, new exhibit notification, trivia, ability to interact with a display at the museum

BStephenson @MuseumModernArt Would be great if the museum iPhone app could scan an item, bring up info AND bring up related objects at other museums.

mcmvanbree @MuseumModernArt audio tour; Yelp-like reviews of museum + exhibitions, buying tickets (skip the line!); buying books; links to info on art

TaraLSF @MuseumModernArt maps with geo locating, audio tours based on specific location & route thru museum

troyrhoades @MuseumModernArt I would like to see a catalogue of the permanent collection with info, exhibition statements, special announcements, etc

creativerachel @MuseumModernArt interactive audio tours

oceana_roll @MuseumModernArt info about artwork and artists.