Notes on Current Infusion Demos

Current public demos

  • Integration Examples
    1. Demo uPortal site
    2. Sakai mock-up
    3. uPortal mock-up
  • Other infusion demos
    1. Uploader server demo
  • Infrastructure
    1. Continuum Build Server
    2. Unit Tests
    3. Manual Tests
  • Infusion Builder
    1. Builder: Daily Build
    2. Unit Tests: Javascript (client side)
    3. Unit Tests: PHP (server side)
    4. Continuum


Sneak Peek

Really Rough Notes:

demos copies and pasted
simple and complex demos
snippets vs demos
demonstrate proper use of fluid principles like proper use of DOM binder and framework.

  • example: the keyboard a11y plugin demo

  • Integration examples: useful? text?
  • uportal and Sakai mock-ups
  • "other infusion demos"
    • uploader server demo

A big priority for me with the demo portal is getting rid of the iFrames
(2:40:15 PM) colinclark: we will have to dig up our Screen Navigator code from Engage to do so
(2:40:32 PM) colinclark: The visual space we provide the demos is too constrained for them to look hot
(2:40:43 PM) colinclark: they always look squeezed or even wrap unpleasantly sometimes
(2:40:54 PM) colinclark: A diversity of examples of how you can configure a component will be cool to have
(2:41:02 PM) colinclark: rather than having to guess from the API documentation
(2:41:38 PM) colinclark: And a consistently high level of visual hotness would cool, too
(2:41:58 PM) jessm: and consistency across them wrt instructions, explanations, etc.

demo portal


  • descriptions
  • status - subcomponents

Layer up demos

  • underpants up to top0hat and tails
  • how do we deliver the message that we have the same thing but different packaging.

Demo page to become a component page.

  • demo page to become a component
  • status
  • easy demos
  • code snippets


  • no status
  • super easy