(Floe) Early Concept mockups: structured content, interactive transcripts, captioned audio, etc.

Raw and text-based content

Raw structured text content

Mockup of raw structured text content

Plain structured text-based content (a lecture)

Plain structured text-based content (a textbook)

Video content

Plain video lecture

Mockup of plain video lecture

Video lecture

Note the following features:

  • Interactive transcript: a) current spoken section is highlighted, b) clicking on content in the transcript scrubs the video to that section
  • Closed captioning
  • Chapter sections on scrubber

Mockup of video lecture

Video lecture, full screen w/ hidden transcript

Video lecture, full screen w/ less transcript

Video lecture, full screen w/ more transcript

Text-based content + embedded video

Compact, embeddable video component

Audio content

Compact, embeddable audio component

Audio lecture


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