Museo del Prado

General information

City / Country: Madrid / Spain
Theme: Art
Languages: Español / English
Platforms: Web
Web accessibility: W3C / AA level WAI 1.0 guidelines


Maps on the website are only available from pieces' information pages (see for instance:, option Location on the map at the bottom of the page).


The Collection
This section contains information about the museum catalogue, distributed by genders (painting, sculpture, prints and drawings and Decorative arts).
Each gender subsection contains sequential textual information, with some images that can be zoomed.

Online Gallery
This section allows users to access to 2000 works of the Museum's collection, by means of a search device.
Simple search allows selecting search by author or by title.

There is also an advanced search device, only available in Spanish version.

Work's information page
Each work's information page contains technical and historical information about the piece, and contains options to:

  • Expand the image (opens it in a new window)
  • GOOD PRACTICE Zoom in the image, using a draggeable scrollbar

  • View piece's location on the map.

Eventually, some pieces contain also additional resources:

  • GOOD PRACTICE Listen to the audioguide (mp3)
  • In depth information

Information about current, upcoming and past exhibitions. Depending on the exhibition, it can contain introductory video sequences.


Education resources

Temporal line collection

GOOD PRACTICE Interactive timeline with artistic movements and its more significant works available in the museum.

Research > Online bibliographic resources on art

List of external websites containing information and recources about art.

Restoration and research

In depth information about the process of restoration of a museum's piece. Contains text, video and images.

Prado play

Flash games for kids. Design is different from the main website.

Online encyclopedia

Only available at Spanish web. Encyclopedia about artists and museum's pieces.

User can browse ( or search (

Visit planning

What to see

GOOD PRACTICE It offers three routes for visitors, depending on the time available for the visit. Routes of 1, 2 and 3 hours cover the most important artists represented in the Museum.

Family itineraries

Only available in Spanish web. It proposes 4 itineraries for families visiting the museum. Provides documentation in pdf format.


Only available in Spanish web. Calendar that displays events and exhibitions on the museum.  User can select a day.

Visit follow-up

No features for follow-up.

Online community

No online community features.

Mobile features

No features for mobile devices.

Searching & browsing

Conventional browsing behavior based on a main left menu, and a secondary menu on its right side.
Additional options are gathered at the left side of the page.

Simple search
Simple search. Not advanced search. Search tool located at the side of the page.
When results range is wide, an index of sections appears, so that user can filter results.

Online gallery

Simple and advanced (only in Spanish) searching devices.

Exhibitions> past
Simple search with a year selector and an intro text box.

Only at Spanish version.

Site map
Clickable hierarchical map.




Online transactions

Tickets in advance

Opens a new window with a different design, that allows user to buy a ticket. Based on GTP Museum Solutions.

Museum shop

Opens in a new window with a different but plenty consistent design with the main website.

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