User Interface Options Use Cases

These are the functional requirements that are known at this time.

Fluid User Interface Options Component

Front end component able to be used in a variety of contexts, with API to different back end technologies, using the IMS AccessForAll specification.

  • Create feature list/functional specification
    • Start with existing functionality in TransformAble/PreferAble
    • Use TransformAble Sakai implementation to list out existing functionality
  • Inspired by BBC's Display Options
  • Name it - something larger than just display options


Original version of setting user preferences to transform content display and interaction based on user preferences. This is the historical starting point for the Fluid component.

  • TransformAble: A set of open source Web services that transform the presentation of a web site's user interface and content resources so that they are personalized to each individual user's needs.
  • PreferAble: A user preferences editor.
  • StyleAble: A service that creates personalized stylesheets.

TransformAble Functional List


  • Font Size
    • No preference, 10pt - 30pt
  • Font Type
    • Serif, Sans Serif, Monospace, Cursive, Fantasy
  • Font Color
    • White, black, blue, red, yellow, green, gray, light gray, dark gray, pink, cyan, magenta
  • Background Color
    • White, black, blue, red, yellow, green, gray, light gray, dark gray, pink, cyan, magenta
  • Link Color
    • White, black, blue, red, yellow, green, gray, light gray, dark gray, pink, cyan, magenta
  • Preview Pane
  • Use Personal Stylesheet (link via url)
  • Restore default settings

Content Navigation

  • Add a table of contents to each page
  • Add a list of links to each page
  • Restore default settings

IMS AccessForAll
Access For All - IMS specification based off of an ISO standard, it is an informational model of user preferences.

  • Defines how user preferences are encoded into a standard format that can then be decoded and used by any system adhering to the standard.
  • AccessForAll has a whole gamut of user preferences that can be specified within the standard.
  • The TransformAble sakai implementation used only a subset of the whole AccessForAll specification.

BBC Display Options

The Display Options tool lets you change the look of the BBC iPlayer and homepage to suit your visual needs. For example, you can make the fonts larger/smaller and change the colour scheme. We've created eight Presets for you to choose from. Or you can Customise your own page display.

BBC Display Options Functional List

  • Presets
    • Original, High Viz 1, High Viz 2, High Viz 3, Comfort 1, Comfort 2, Comfort 3, Comfort 4
  • Customize
    • Auto-update Preview Window
    • Simple graphics
      • yes, no
    • Simple layout
      • yes, no
    • Text Size
      • (If bigger than +2, it is recommended you select 'Simple layout' )
      • -2, -1, Default, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6
    • Text Spacing
      • Default, Wide, Wider, Widest
    • Font
      • Default, Arial, Verdana, Courier, Times
    • Highlight links
      • (on hover)
      • yes, no
    • Colour
      • Original - Link colour
      • High Viz - Link colour
      • Simple - Link colour
      • News Print - Link colour
      • Slate - Link colour
      • Reflect - Link colour
      • Reversed - Link colour
      • Soft 1 - Link colour
      • Soft 2 - Link colour
      • Blue 1 - Link colour
      • Blue 2 - Link colour
      • Blue 3 - Link colour
  • Help

Other Functional List

  • Preferences regarding keyboard navigation
  • Size and spacing of input field or buttons