Sandra Estevez, Re-careering Adult Learner

Secondary Persona - Sandra Estevez

Re-careering Adult Learner


Sandy is a 47-year old mother of five children.  Once her kids were of school age, she went to work as a cashier at a super-Market.  For the last 8 years she has worked 30 hours a week, on a shift that rotates.  She has scattered amounts of free time being involved in her children's school and athletic activities and maintaining her household (her husband Bert is a fireman who works a schedule 4 days on and 3 days off).

Sandy has a high school degree but that was along time ago.  Last year Sandy started taking her basic education classes (two night classes) at the local community college, her first college experience. She plans to enter a program to earn an elementary teaching certificate. This semester she is taking one of her classes in an online format.


* Spend time with her family
* Gain an elementary teaching certificate
* Balance home, work and school life
* Do well on school work to help her get into a teaching program

Level of Expertise

She is moderately comfortable using a computer to keep in touch with her relatives on the east coast and her son who is in the Navy, but she is wary of being able to learn in an environment where she does not see her teacher on a regular basis.