Meeting Notes

Thursday 10/16/08:  Discuss BBC display options

Attendees:  Gary, Mike E., Daphne

- Narrow width display?
  -  Need to be able to let people make them narrower or wider
- Presets - do we need all these?
   -  Still not sure but we are questioning
   -  Perhaps start with a limited number and as we are able to do more research, we'll better understand the needs.
- Scrolling in presets bad?
   - We think scrolling can be difficult -- don't replicate

- Other good sites to look at fro benchmarking -- who else does this well?
 - Zoom text - customize your personal computer
 - American Council of the Blind
 - Google:  Organizations for the blind (or low vision)
 - National Federation of the Blind (or something like that)
 - AbilityNet

Check with our resources on Campus for feedback on BBC site:
Resource Center for persons with disablities

Next Steps:
-  Gary move forward with 1st iteration
-  In parallel start putting together a plan to talk with
-  Mike to send out note to resource center on campus & copy Gary & Daphne