(C4A) Preference Tool Functions - PMT PCP MM (March 12)

Preference Management Tool

  • account creation/log-in
  • education on C4A/GPII:
    • 'discovery aid', discovery 'playground'
    • preference instructions/demonstrations
    • guided walk-through
  • preference sets:
    • view all/organize
    • create/delete
    • modify preferences
    • add/edit contexts (device, location, time, etc.)
  • preferences:
    • view all available through categories or search
    • modify preferences
    • prioritize (add/remove) preferences that appear in the PCP
  • modifications preview:
    • mock/live preview
  • modifications history
    • unsaved, last changed preferences?
  • sharing of preference sets with others
  • account settings:
    • edit email/password/security
    • adjust MM settings

Personal Control Panel

  • select/apply an existing set
  • quickly modify settings (“on the fly”)
    • through prioritized settings
    • through search
  • save modified settings to a set (connect to PMT)
    • to apply to other devices/contexts
    • to switch to another set, but keep current modifications for a later situation


  • monitor user behaviour on devices/contexts and identify patterns
  • apply best-fit preferences/set based on identified device/context/patterns
  • determine ratings on matchmaker results from user behavior
  • make recommendations, suggest preferences that may aid user
  • determine/prioritize preferences available in PCP