(Floe) UI Options user testing report (November 2012)

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Summary of Results

Design issues found in testing

Basic preferences & Advanced preferences for both versions

  • Discoverability of UIO, often users would see the magnifying glass icon first as a way to increase size.
    • Is there a more appropriate icon/label for UIO? (many users looks at magnifying glass first)
    • ensure the UIO button visibility in any context (e.g. increasing it's contrast, adding some shadow, colour...)
  • Type and contrast issues, users found to difficult to read preset labels that are disabled and identify the headings
    • increase contrast where necessary, avoid italics when possible, and ensure text styles are all distinct
  • Table of Contents added by Simplify preset could be distracting
    • take out from initial preset (available on customize)
    • or have Table of Contents initially collapsed (user can expand if needed)
  • Insufficient indication of scrollable panel
    • add multiple indicators that there is more than one page of preferences, eg. dot timeline, arrows, etc. (like in the mobile version)
    • make scrolling arrow larger
  • Clarity of labels and descriptions, various issues throughout different users
    • review consistency and clarity of terms and wording
    • improve the legibility of the descriptive text (e.g. increase its contrast)
    • use descriptions to clarify function in case of complex options (e.g. in 'text to speech')
    • add more detailed instructions with a tooltips under a '?' icon
  • Customize Further is not visible for most users
    • when available, display always the 'customize futher' option, not highlighted. highlight only on hover
  • Search Field is not visible for some users
    • improve Search field visibility (increase contrast between the field and the background, and/or locate it at the right side of the panel)
  • Some users fear loosing all their preferences when clicking on 'reset all preferences'
    • include some indication to clarify that this action can be undone
    • is this an issue?
  • A user (using a magnifying glass) didn't see the 'reset all preferences' option
    • ensure that the option is visible at low vision conditions
  • Some users expect to find 'type style' as one of the basic options
    • add 'type style' after 'type size'
  • Options that are not directly related to the items in the page are confusing
    • control options awareness, so they are visible only if related items are available in the page (e.g., 'show captions' should appear only if the page contains video or audio sequences)
    • what if there are captions elsewhere on the site? Maybe preference curation can be determined by the implementer?
  • A user expected to find some help
    • Question if some contextual helf or guidance is needed for general or specific features

Top panel specific issues

  • When comparing side and top panels, all users prefer top panel

Side panel specific issues

  • Shifting the page over to the side is frustrating for all users
    • would having side panel overlap content be more ideal?
  • All users prefer top panel
    • should side panel be kept?
    • think about having a responsive version keeping top panel characteristics
  • Users don't see the scrolling bar
    • make scrolling bar more visible

Browser extension

  • Some users are not sure about Browser Extension function from the description
    • use simple and brief wording for the description
    • ensure that main features of the browser extension become apparent
    • take user to another page with more detailed descriptions and instructions about the browser extension
  • In case the user doesn't see the scrolling bar, he won't never be able to get b.e. 
    • could the b.e. option be located in another place?
    • maybe not an issue if scrollbar is emphasized
  • Some users are not aware of the b.e. button added in the browser bar
    • ensure the button is visible
    • after installing the button, provide a clear visual feedback (e.g. a balloon pointing to the button and providing some brief indication)
    • provide instructions from download page
  • Users have difficulty navigation through b.e.
    • review features needed
    • review wording/terms for clarity
    • improve organization
  • Options at the bottom (save as default, share,...) are not visible enough
    • move options at the top or closest to the other items in the b.e. panel
    • or move options to chrome icon drop-down?
  • For customized themes, having general options at the top bar is confusing
    • in customized themes, get rid of general options (cmmon options, all options, most popular, search) 
    • in customized themes, include a button to add a new preference at the end of the currently available (so the user can add a new one to the previously customized)
  • Theme tabs labels are not visible enough
    • increase visibility of tabs by enlarging and/or separating them from the browser's top bar.
  • Some users don't know how to close the b.e. panel
    • increase b.e. button visibility
    • include a tooltip
    • include an alternative way to close the panel? (e.g., an option to collapse the panel in its bottom side and have it animate push up)
  • Relationship between 'common options' and 'all options' is not clear
    • modify wording and clarify relationship between all and common options
    • question if 'common options' is needed
  • In b.e. menu, options are confusing for some users
    • get rid of the 'show preferences' option? (the user can click directly the theme that he wants to edit)
    • get rid of or change the aspect of 'off'. Get rid of it if the user is able to enable/disable a theme directly from the menu. Change its styling to make it different from the list of themes available.


  • Although all users clearly see the Display Preferences button, but it's uncertain on overloaded designs with other button/images
    • ensure the d.p. button is visually detached from the page beneath
    • could the d.p. button be shown as a bar at the bottom of the page?
  • Some users consider the initial instructions as repetitive
    • question if the arrow and the points at the left are enough
    • get rid of the instructions and add bouncing animation on first opening
  • Some users consider the instructions as counter-intuitive
    • enhance the consistency between visual clues (instructions if kept and arrow) and the movement expected to go through options
    • ensure that the movement to go through options is consistent with the transition that makes the panel appear
  • Gesture needed to go through options is not always clear, and it's not consistent between users
    • give visual clues that make more intuitive the gesture expected (e.g. the options can appear initially with an effect of displacement bottom up)
    • allow the user roll one or another sense, to go forward or backward through the options 
  • Instructions about gestural alternatives are confusing for some users
    • clarify wording, or replace textual instructions by icons or simple iconic animations
    • or remove instructions not to distract user, have feature only available through accidental discovery
  • Shaking the screen for changing contrast is not intuitive
    • find another gesture for this option
    • is a gesture needed for this option
  • Closing the display preferences can be confusing
    • clarify the 'close' function of the d.p. button when the preferences are open (e.g. by adding a small down arrow)
    • have display preferences close when user clicks anywhere on the content screen (when they try scrolling back through the content, display preferences closes)