Triage board (Nov 12 2012)

General Deliverables

Floe design
Floe development

1. User Interface Options

  • Design
    • user testing
    • stabilize new designs
    • prioritize features for development
  • Development
    • develop the new designs
    • integrate into various sites and apps
    • Extensibility--ability to add new preferences and panels

2. Authoring Tool
need to resolve a11y issues and put a plan together here

3. Video Player
need to support YouTube and/or Vimeo vids in addition to HTML 5

4. Inclusive Learning Design Handbook
New use cases and scenarios
draft Floe use cases

New Floe 3 Deliverables

1. Mobile OER Commons

  • upload and tag resources to OER--video, audio, images

2. Design exemplary ePub 3 textbook

  • work with OpenStax

3. Implementations

a. Components for editing AcessForAll metadata (directly overlaps with Cloud4all 202)
b. Add "learning to learn" features to UI Options
c. Component for requesting alternatives

  •   commercial services
  •   Amara or similar crowd tools

d. AccessForAll-enabled search and browse
e. Components for delivering inclusive content

  •   Improvements to Learner Options' ability to reskin web content (overlaps with C4a 102)

f. Learner feedback component
g. Automatic improvement of accessibility metadata based on users' feedback


1. Architecture, advice, sharing UI Options (102, 105)
2. 202: Automatic content metadata (we own this)

  •   Due month 25ish

3. 301: browser auto-configuration

  •   we own 301.2 – auto-configuration of web browsers

4. 303: Cloud and web-based AT

  • 303.2: Auto-configuration of websites and web application
  • Due month 28ish

5. 306: preferences server pilot implementation


6. 505 - International standardization


1. gap analysis of the RAA ironed-out work
2. gathering prior research for keypads

CFI Work

1. Inventory, scheduling, and checkout system
2. Revisit grant deliverables