Kiosk wireframes (Draft 6)

Theme index

Kiosk storycards, theme index (Draft 6)

Theme selection window is in the center of the screen with the heading 'Themes' and the sub-text 'Select the themes to view the galleries within' then there is a grid of six different theme buttons.

Galleries index

Kiosk storycards, galleries index (Draft 6)

Gallery detail view

Kiosk storycards, gallery view (Draft 6)

Printing map

Kiosk storycards, galleries index + printing options (Draft 6)

Element highlight

Galleries index screen of the Identity theme with one of the galleries in the grid highlighted in blue and the corresponding blue spot on the map


When a button in one window is clicked, and it performs the action of opening another window, the first window dims and shrinks to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and the second window appears and takes the center of the screen.  A visual connection is maintained between second window and the button that was pressed on the first window.

The transistions of floating windows in these wireframes, as well as their connections have not been designed in complete detail, though we have several ideas specified.  For example, upon clicking a button, the next window could maximize similar to the genie effect seen on macs.