Why You Should Choose HTML5 article Over section


Measuring Fairness

Annotated Bibliography of Recommended Materials

Content sectioning

Responsive design

Responsive images

Image and multimedia

Grid by Example

Designing a Future Where Everyone Counts


Styling Images in Posts and Pages

Code smell

Work in Process

DIFF Algorithms

Diffing and patching tabular data 

Why merges fail and what can be done about it 

The patience diff algorithm

Merging with diff3



Floe Project - Michelle

Podcast on AI

Goodbye D3, Hello ECharts - Clement Ho

Screen Reader Basics: VoiceOver

Best Website Dashboard UI Examples for Design Inspiration

Bokeh vs Dash — Which is the Best Dashboard Framework for Python?

Embed Views and Dashboards


How to Scope Down PRs

How To Create A Headless WordPress Site On The JAMstack

The Ultimate Guide to Gutenberg Image Alignments in WordPress Themes

 CSS Layout - Ned

HTML elements reference

AI Ethics #1: Hello World! Relational ethics, misinformation, animism and more ...

How to design AI that eliminates disability bias - Jutta

AI Knowledge Map: how to classify AI technologies

Top 20 Machine Learning & Data Science Websites To Follow in 2020

How to design AI that eliminates disability bias

Intro to ARIA -- A11ycasts #13

Why do semantics matter?


Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.1

WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1

Using ARIA


CSS Specificity: Things You Should Know - Ned

CSS Specificity Wars - Justin

The CSS Cascade - Justin

Building Multi-Directional Layouts - Ned

Co-designing Inclusive Cities

Co-designing Inclusive Cities Stories

Specificity Calculator

CSS Specificity and why you shouldn't use !important - Ned

Technology-enhanced Personalised Learning. Untangling the Evidence

sass 7-1 pattern

straight and curly quotes

time tag

The figure element


Google’s New Chatbot, Aerial Surveillance, and Rooting Robots: The Week’s Most Interesting ArXiv Papers

Tech is Changing our Cities and our Government Doesn’t Know

Uber Has Been Quietly Assembling One of the Most Impressive Open Source Deep Learning Stacks in the Market

How Algorithmic Bias Hurts People With Disabilities

The seven rules of a great Git commit message - Ned

Smarter government or data-driven disaster: the algorithms helping control local communities

Preferences for Global Access - Michelle

Git Tips and Tricks - Ned

Co-design Video - Michelle

Techniques for Interpretable Machine Learning

Conventional Commits - Ned

WordPress API Tutorial

How to Write a Git Commit Message (Chris Beams)


Web Foundations
Development Workflow

Understanding the GitHub flow (GitHub)