SJRK Face to Face Meeting - Toronto, Oct 17, 2019


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Project Retrospective

What went well

  • Systemic changes at TiG around thinking about accessibility and doing audits of the work.
  • Regular meetings helped in order to get feedback on how projects were going.
  • Bringing together youth at the margins of society.
  • Diverse inclusion.
  • Capacity building.
  • Openness and flexibility of the project.
  • Ability to explore.
  • Each of the partners brought parts of what they were working on and what they knew and enhanced it through the project.
  • Diverse products were generated.
  • Connecting with community and seeing the impact in people’s lives.
  • Co-designing with young people - inclusion by design

What didn’t go well

  • At the beginning it was difficult to understand - what we were doing and how
  • Challenge in visualizing all the products that were generated and share them
  • Couldn’t make people feel ownership of the tool (wikipedia). Only a few teachers were interested. Even with a dedicated person working with them
  • Difficult to change habits
  • We didn’t get the content translated 

What can we do differently

  • Shared metrics or performance indicators. Setup and agreed to at the beginning of the project. How many people? How many events? How many stories did we collect?
  • Find a way of having the youth take on the mentorship of the things that we helped to initiate.
  • Clarity around budgets and plans from the beginning
  • Instead of formal report, report in a way that can be put on the website to be generally shared
  • Website design work could have started sooner
  • Simplified website - more adaptability, more alternatives
  • Figure out translation for the website early
  • Meeting in different places would be nice
  • Getting the youth from different places together to share their experiences
  • Create more practical guides for people to enact inclusion - making ramps, accommodations etc.
  • Create more collaborative resources together among the partners. Making sure one groups website is inclusive of other groups - language, context etc.
  • Translation is paramount in this type of project and will allow for more cross pollination between partner groups.
  • More brainstorming between groups instead of so much independent work.
  • Use more social media
  • Bringing young people into regular meetings and a co-design process.
  • Budgeting translation and accessibility services from the beginning.