Current Work - Platform Cooperative Development Toolkit

This page is no longer in use, instead please see the iteration plan spreadsheet.

Work In Progress

For an archive of the work completed on the project to date, see the Project Updates page.

Partner and Collaborator Outreach

Work with prospective partners and contributors to the project to learn more about their activities, needs, and potential collaborative opportunities.

  • CoLab
  • Loconomics
  • ShareTribe
  • CoRise, SEIU-HCII, and ICA
  • Sasha Costanza-Chock
  • RChain Cooperative
  • SEWA - Self-Employed Women's Association
Set up collaborative design and development infrastructure for the project.

The project's community-based design and development infrastructure provides the tools needed by the project team and other contributors to build, document, and support the Platform Cooperative Development Toolkit's software products.

COOP-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Labour Platform Technical SketchingMap out the prospective uses and user workflows in terms of the functionality that the project's software architecture will need to support.

COOP-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS a "cooperative analysis" of existing platforms, tools, guides, and other resources related to (or opposed to) platform cooperativism. This research will provide a baseline of knowledge around the current state of platforms—from a design perspective.

COOP-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS

COOP-5 - Getting issue details... STATUS

User Experience Mapping - Platform Cooperative Development ToolkitCreate a series of design sketches that map the overall user experience workflows of the Platform Cooperative Development Toolkit project from the perspective of different users and prospective co-op members, founders, and supporters. These maps are intended to help map out the design problem space for the project, and are intentionally provisional and lo-fi during the early stages of the project's co-design.

COOP-7 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Examine the source code and architecture of existing platform tools and open source cooperative platforms to determine if and how they can best be used to support the project's labour platform and governance tools.

COOP-6 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Create a website where prospective contributors (especially designers and developers) can learn more about the project's software toolkit and get involved in helping us build it.

Upcoming Work


COOP-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Initial co-design with cooperatives.