User Experience Mapping - Platform Cooperative Development Toolkit


  • engaging different users immediately including those who want to start a co-op, those who want to join, those who want to learn about cooperativism etc
  • the importance of stories: 
    • stories of creating social democracy
    • stories that emerge from authentic implementation
    • systemic stories - systemic imagination
    • economic implementation
    • grassroots organizers
  • de-fragmentation of what is already out there - bringing together resources, map
  • grassroots-driven
  • designs and sketches shown are starting points for co-design of the user experience

Overall Site/UX Mapping

Reworking the site 

Early Sketches Aug 27, 2018

Brainstorming/Rough Sketching - July 2018

Some possible mappings

Engagement through showcasing existing coops:


Engagement through the map/directory of existing coops:

Get Involved / Learn More → Start / Join:

Learn More / Map / Tools & Resources / Guide:

Starting a Platform Co-op - Step-by-Step Guide

Considering 5 different scenarios: Existing co-op, freelancer, union, startup, policy makers

Existing Co-op




Policy Makers