Fluid Infusion 0.5beta1

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Latest Release: Fluid Infusion v0.5beta1

Current release: Fluid Infusion v0.5beta1
Release date: August 28, 2008

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What's New in Fluid Infusion 0.5beta1

This is a BETA release, intended to give our users a "heads-up" regarding changes that will be coming in the 0.5 release. In particular:

What is Fluid Infusion?

Fluid Infusion is a collection of rich, reusable, accessible user interface components built for the Web. These components have been designed by a cross-disciplinary team and thoroughly tested for usability and accessibility. By incorporating Fluid components into your web application's user interface, you will make your application easier to use by more people. Easier to use means happier users.

Known Issues

See http://issues.fluidproject.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=10113 for an up-to-date listing of known issues with this release.

Getting Help

For questions and assistance using Infusion 0.5beta1, join the fluid-talk mailing list, or join our IRC Channel. If you find a bug or issue with 0.5beta1, you can file bug reports on our issue tracker.


Fluid code is licensed under a dual ECL 2.0 / BSD licence. The specific licences can be found on the Fluid wiki's Infusion Licence Template page.