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Latest Release: Fluid Infusion v1.5

Current release: Fluid Infusion v1.5
Release date: June 17, 2014

Create your own custom build of Infusion 1.5 using Grunt: https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/blob/infusion-1.5/README.md#how-do-i-create-an-infusion-package

Look at this release on github: https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/tree/infusion-1.5

What's New in Fluid Infusion 1.5

  • Preferences Framework
  • Redesigned UI Options component
  • Substantial improvements to the Infusion IoC system
  • Updated versions of jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Significant refactoring to the Pager component

What is Fluid Infusion?

Fluid Infusion is a collection of rich, reusable, accessible user interface components built for the Web. These components have been designed by a cross-disciplinary team and thoroughly tested for usability and accessibility. By incorporating Fluid components into your web application's user interface, you will make your application easier to use by more people. Easier to use means happier users.

Known Issues

See Infusion 1.4 Known Issues for a full, up-to-date listing of known issues with this release. Some of the known issues at release time are:

Flexible columns don't maintain proper alignment under certain conditions
In IE, major font size changes break text positioning within form controls
FSS High Contrast theme erroneously sets font size too large for widgets

When using multiple instances of infusion on a single page, can obtain duplicate guids.
in the event system, fire should return true if event is not prevented
fluid.stringTemplate inserts undefined if it is passed an integer in the args.

Inline Edit:
Chrome 4 in WIN XP does not allow tabbing out of tinyMCE editor's edit field
Previous edits are persisting in Edit Mode despite demo being reloaded in IE8
Pressing the "Tab" key to exit edit mode places focus on the wrong item

Layout Reorderer:
Layout Reorderer failed to move portlets back to the first column in three-columns view with keyboard
If columns become stacked, can't drag item into lower column
Portlet Columns load with no padding between them in IE7

The Pager is dependent on the use of rsf:ids for sortable columns
The Pager will be refactored. Note that as a result of this, there will be significant changes to the Pager API
Clicking page numbers throws an error: using IE 6

Renderer appears to corrupt templates containing empty tags on Opera (maybe others)
Attempt to add children to leaf component in tree results in "targetlump is undefined" error
Enclosing branch nodes within markup which has "headers" attribute causes them to become invisible to the renderer
Renderer performance can be slow on IE 6 and 7 in some contexts.
Renderer can corrupt tag nesting structure in some cases with branch containers

Can't reorderer with the mouse: IE9.
With no wrapping on, the keyboard movement keystrokes are captured by the browser where a wrap would have occurred.
Dragging an image offscreen or out of the frame has some unexpected results.

UI Options:
Links UI Option settings are not retained in IE6 WinXP.
Fat Panel UI Options' iFrame HTML page doesn't play nice with a concatenated build of Infusion
Sliding Panel needs ARIA and/or to move focus to beginning of panel when opened to alert screen readers of new content

Deleting files on the local filesystem after they have been added to the Uploader's queue will cause inconsistent behaviour
Can't tab to the "Browse/Add More" button with the keyboard in IE with Flash 10
Cannot tab away from the "Browse Files" button with Flash 10

Status of Components





Supports A-Grade browsers, stable for production usage across a wide range of applications and use cases

Fluid Skinning System
Infusion Framework Core
Inline Edit - Simple Text
Reorderer: List, Grid, Layout, Image


Still growing, but with broad browser support. Expect new features in upcoming releases

UI Options

Sneak Peek

In development; APIs will change. Share your feedback, ideas, and code

Inline Edit - Dropdown
Inline Edit - Rich Text
Mobile Fluid Skinning System
Table of Contents

Getting Help

For questions and assistance using Infusion 1.4, join the infusion-users mailing list, or join our IRC Channel. If you find a bug or issue with 1.4, you can file bug reports on our issue tracker.

Help us Build a Usable Web For Everyone

The Fluid Project is an open, collaborative development project. Our goal is to improve the user experience of community source web applications, so if you are a designer or developer and want to change the world, consider getting involved! The Fluid component library includes not only full source code but also a designer's toolkit that offers useful design, accessibility, and usability strategies and documentation, all backed by a growing community of interaction designers, user interface experts, and software developers contributing a wealth of expertise in usability and accessibility.


Fluid code is licensed under a dual ECL 2.0 / BSD licence. The specific licences can be found on the Fluid wiki's Infusion Licence Template page.


A lot of work has gone into this release, and we'd like to thank everyone in the community for their contributions. We could not have reached this point without the dedication of all of our users, designer and developers.