April 20, 2017 - Social Justice Repair Kit Meeting Notes

Working with Partners

   •    partners are our link to youth groups

   •    through their interaction with youth groups - we want to find out what barriers these groups are facing to working w youth with learning differences

   ⁃    How welcoming/inclusive are they now?

   ⁃    What can we (IDRC) offer them?

   ⁃    How excited are they for us to help them?

   ⁃    what are their requirements/needs from us?

   ⁃    how can we help find the gaps (in methods, in materials)

Potential overall structure:

How many youth groups, what you’ll do with them, how long it will take

1 – plan

2 – execute first round - activities w youth groups

3 – collect feedback and share out with all partners - successes w youth groups

4 – execute second round

5 – open data hack – can we do that in the different locales?

IDRC – establish a meeting time to connect with all the partners

   •    are we (IDRC) in more of a facilitational role?

   •    partners can connect with youth groups and we learn from what they’re doing

   •    the partners have the knowledge about working with youth

   •    what are they excited to have us help them with?

   •    events - bringing in youth for co-design sessions ?

   •    Jess sees it as concentric circles - we shepherd the big circle around the 4 partners, while partners have their own circles


   •    how to reach the kids that aren’t already there? - engaging new youth

   •    structure activities to get youth involvement - to get solutions that appeal to youth

   •    youth take on a design challenge ?

   •    facilitate by giving them design process/activity options?

   •    get the youth thinking about who isn’t here (empathy)

   •    considering themselves as service providers, not just recipients

   •    engage youth in solving their own problems

   •    metacognition and self-reflection

Next steps?

   •    how to start the conversation - what are the needs, engage the partners, how to tap into what excites them

   •    start with conversation with partners about barriers, top 3 problems, how do you address inclusion - how do you answer who’s not here and how do you get them here

   •    organize events

   ⁃    an important aspect will be the sharing back from partners about what they’ve done - we can learn from each others’ successes

   ⁃    how to facilitate this process - we can provide a platform?

   ⁃    co-designing the process - refining the process as we move toward solution

   ⁃    partners —> what are their requirements/needs to getting youth together

   ⁃    start with existing youth and figure out together how to get others to the table?

   •    meet every other week with partners?

   •    Jess will touch base with Jutta again to clarify our role and next steps