August 15, 2016, Design Guides and ILDH Restructuring


  1. Reorganize the Guides to match Jutta’s comments.

    1. Include Dimensions and show organic relationships with other items

    2. Rename Principles - “Perspectives”?

  2. Make the ILDH more “Open Education” focused.

    1. Restructure the content to match the framework set out by the Guides site

    2. Move content that doesn’t belong to the Guides.

    3. Identify gaps in the ILDH content under the “Guides structure” and create content to fill it. Example: There may not be a “Collaborate” card in the ILDH, therefore create a new Collaborate card but Open Education focused.

  3. Deprecate or move  Design Handbook content

    1. Useful content in the Design Handbook should be ported to the Design Guides

    2. Less useful content in the Design Handbook should be marked as being “old” (i.e. practices / perspectives that have been replaced by something more inclusive)

Rough Notes:

Design handbook

  • How do we transition the design handbook

    • Some are worth keeping

    • Some are not practiced anymore

      • Deprecate

      • Rephrase

  • Move content form DH to ILDH

Inclusive Design Guide

  • Restructure ILDH like the ID Guide and put existing ILDH content into the cards’ framework. This will reveal gaps - we will need to address this

  • Some cards in the Guide aren’t really generalizable

    • I.e. Infusion, Metadata

    • Where does this go?

  • Some of the cards become examples of things in the guide.

  • Guides as a tool for practice (as well as some “evangelism”)

  • Include examples of the guide being used in a design process? Applied to specific projects

  • Tag cards so that they can be filtered/clustered

  • Clarify UX walkthroughs vs. usability testing - relation to co-design and some of Clayton’s work?