(Floe) Metadata Authoring and Feedback Tools

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For Content Authors

Authoring usable, descriptive metadata for learning content can be challenging for content creators. Authors can feel ill-equipped to generate good metadata, or find the process for creating metadata too labour-intensive.

The challenge is to create a design that reduces the pain of creating good metadata, while reducing the need to be a metadata guru. To address this issue, the design will explore how sensible automatic metadata generation can simplify the task of metadata authoring while taking the opportunity to address inclusion.

For Learners

In a large repository of online learning materials, how does an individual learner choose the right content that meet their preferences? How do they go about searching for content? How will they know the content they are given meets their needs? What are the mechanisms for providing feedback to content authors?

The challenge is to provide a way for learners to quickly determine if a given piece of content will meet their needs and provide feedback to authors.


Using accessibility metadata and other metadata schemas, design an interface that:

  • allows the author to create content and associated metadata simply and effectively
  • auto-generates metadata where it is sensible
  • allows the user to refine the metadata if they choose
  • integrates inclusiveness and accessibility into the authoring process


Note on decoupled design: The purpose of designing and developing an independent metadata editor is so that it can be implemented into any third party content editor.  In addition to being decoupled from the content editor the metadata editor must also be developed to be modular and flexible. Please find discussion notes and more details about the design here.