Inclusive Design Guidelines - Design Crit Notes - Jan 11, 2016

Link to mockups


  • consider best way to incorporate into P4A report

  • EdReady - what can we use?

Collaboration as principle vs practice

  • suggestion: the “tools” (critiques, community meetings, pairing...) are actually practices?

  • then tools would be the actual tools, like vid conf, etc.

  • example principle: people over process; practice = daily standup, tool=vid conf

General thoughts/suggestions

  • two-way links back and forth from all card categories (e.g relate principles from tools and vice versa)

  • create a mindmap of the content - identify all the links between cards

  • printed and digital - print-out should have a date stamp to convey that the hardcopy is a snapshot, with invitation to the digital version

  • include “what can go wrong” or “common challenges”

  • cards could exist in website, and printing could add content simplification, links, etc

  • use URL shortener on the cards or webcode

  • can’t avoid reference to digital content entirely e.g. user states and contents full version,

  • how to provide guidance on how people can incorporate the tools into standard processes - a “do” activity?

  • include real-world case-studies? e.g. light-bulb socket design

    • e.g. wearables exercise - blindfolded needle threading - need to consider context, culture, etc

  • can we group similar tools in some way? - relation of tools to practices is one way of grouping

  • how to print updates / add-ons only, not full set of cards again - should original set always remain the same

  • include an introductory card (or could be in "packaging" of the cards or other)

  • how to get feedback on how people are using the cards / testimonies - will inspire others / pass on ideas