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Instantiating the Enhancer and Settings Store Only

This article describes how to use the Infusion Preferences Framework to use the Builder, a tool that creates a preferences editor from schema documents. This is part of the Tutorial - Creating a Preferences Editor Using the Preferences Framework.


On This Page

In cases where you are adding a full-page editor to your site, you likely want the user's settings to be applied to every other page on your site as well. On these pages, you don't want to instantiate the preferences editor, but you do need to instantiate the page enhancer and the settings store; without these, the preferences will have no effect.

Adding the settings store and enhancer requires a two-step process:

  1. Use the Builder to build the tools, then
  2. Instantiate the tools built by the builder.

Build the Settings Store and Enhancer

Build the settings store and enhancer with a call to the Preferences Framework Builder (this call also builds a preferences editor, but you aren't required to instantiate it). The Builder can be used with either the auxiliarySchema property or with an auxiliary schema grade.

NOTE: Your auxiliary schema MUST specify a namespace. You'll need this namespace to access the components created by the builder.

Example: Using the builder with the auxiliarySchema property
vary myAuxiliarySchema = {
    namespace: "my.prefs",
    primarySchema: myPrimarySchema,
    auxiliaryScham: myAuxiliarySchema
Example: Using the builder with an auxiliary schema grade
fluid.defaults("my.auxSchemaGrade", {
    gradeNames: ["fluid.prefs.auxSchema", "autoInit"],
    auxiliarySchema: {
        namespace: "my.prefs",
    gradeNames: ["my.auxSchemaGrade"],
    primarySchema: myPrimarySchema

Instantiate the Enhancer

Once you've run the builder, you can access the enhancer through the namespace you specified in your auxiliary schema

Instantiating the default separated-panel editor
var enhancer = my.prefs.uie("body");

The uie method will automatically instantiate both the settings store and the page enhancer, so you only need to make the one call. The settings store will automatically connect to the saved settings, and the enhancer will automatically use your enactors to adjust the page according to the settings.



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