Right to Decide

This is a space to facilitate a local-to-global exchange of experience, knowledge, and ideas for advancing implementation of Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (link to UN Article 12).

Article 12 recognizes the equal right to exercise legal capacity, without discrimination based on disability and the obligation of states parties to ensure access to the supports that may be required for this purpose.

The Right to Decide project is funded by IRIS
in partnership with the Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University.

Global Learning Exchange

A global community of legal capacity partners sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources to advance adoption and implementation of Article 12.

More information, resources, past meeting notes, and upcoming schedule

Legal Capacity Inclusion Lens

The Legal Capacity Inclusion Lens (or "LCIL") is a tool for assessing the inclusivity of legal regimes regulating legal capacity (looking at main sources of law). The LCIL will provide an "observatory" for researchers to monitor legal capacity regime progress.

An initial functional prototype was created by Chronicle Analytics, and a web application is now under development at the IDRC.

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Community-led Initiatives Framework

Community-led initiatives framework is a tool to assist community organizations learn about the "core functions" associated with supporting people in decision making.

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Who is "Fluid" and what is the "Fluid" wiki?

The Fluid Project, or simply "Fluid", is a community of designers, developers, enthusiasts and other individuals who share a desire to make technology more inclusive and usable for everyone regardless of ability. The Fluid community believes in working in the open - open communication, open work, and open contributions.

The Fluid wiki is a place where people, organizations, and projects can share their knowledge, resources, and their ongoing work openly.

The Fluid Project is an initiative that started with the Inclusive Design Research Centre in 2007 and has since grown into a self-sustaining and self-organizing community.

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