Initial Expert Feedback on the Guide

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The project team reached out to some industry experts and practitioners to provide feedback on a draft version of the Guide for Reducing Barriers to Virtual Healthcare. The goal was to gather some initial feedback and impressions about the content, structure, and clarity of the Guide.

The feedback is recorded here for future work and improvements to the Guide, including helping formulate further plans for participatory co-design.

The questions asked

The following are 9 questions were asked so help guide experts in their feedback:

  1. Did the Introduction, Values and Guiding Principles in the Guide document provide sufficient context for the Guidelines? Is there any information that was not covered that would be helpful?
  2. Do you have any feedback on the structure and organization of the Guidelines? From your perspective would you organize them differently? How and why?
  3. Did any of the information in the Guidelines feel non-applicable, incorrect or insufficient in the context of virtual care?
  4. Is there any information you feel is missing from the Guidelines? 
  5. Is there any information you feel we should expand upon? 
  6. As we continue the work, whose feedback and participation would you like to see reflected in these Guidelines? Whose feedback do you wish was included or emphasized more? Is there a community, group, person or other we should engage in future Guideline work?
  7. Naming the Guidelines is important for clarity and meaning. Please review the Guideline names and tell us from your perspective what you would change and what works well.
  8. Do you have any feedback related to any of the language and terminology used in the Guidelines? 
  9. Do you have any other feedback that you would like to share? 

The feedback