Plan our presence at the Kids Digital Festival

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As participants in the Kids Digital Festival, I should be able to get an overall understanding of the project, have an option to get involved in the project, and be able to take away something that helps me introduce the project to my community.


Our presence at the Kids Digital Festival includes:

  • A physical station at the open space gallery at 49 McCaul
  • A digital display and keyboard to fill out an expression of the interest form to join the project community
  • A digital display to share the key points/goals of the project
  • A kind of takeaway, such as post cards, flyers, handouts, etc.
  • A person from the project team to elaborate on different aspects of the project and respond to questions


  • Prepared a link to the expression of interest form
  • Prepared a one page description of the project including visuals
  • Designed and printed the takeaway


  • Project branding
  • Project short description