Select and set up collaboration tools

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As a participant in the project’s community, I can see the project’s plans, current activities, and resources in progress; I can comment, provide feedback and report bugs on these things; and I can share my own work with others.


The project’s collaboration tools need to provide:

  • A way to create and share Cards (descriptions of features and tasks)

  • A place to work on new resources that haven’t yet been published on the website or repository

  • An informal working space where we can collaboratively work on plans, documents, etc.

  • A place to share open summaries of our progress, priorities and current activities

The tool that allows us to create and share cards should include the ability to:

    • Combine media such as mockups, text, links

    • Be usable by people with varying tech skills (simple, not distracting with unrelated material or notifications, etc.)

    • Be publicly visible and linkable, so that it’s easy for people who are interested in the project to follow along, and to share with social media, etc.

    • Let multiple people edit documents

    • Include inline comments

A maintenance and hosting strategy—which is within the means of the project’s budget and resources today, and which will be sustainable after the project—should be identified.


  • See details above

  • Project team members (IDRC and Bridges at minimum) should agree that the tools suit their needs and expectations.