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Section - Software Approaches for Expressing Personal Preferences for Healthcare (Section Home)

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rootSection - Software Approaches for Expressing Personal Preferences for Healthcare

Future Work

  • Conduct Co-Design activities for the Personal Preference Approach
  • Prototype/implement, one or more Explorations
  • Contact Virtual Healthcare Platform vendors about research and potential integrations

  • Look into Journalling tools (existing and new) for aggregating data and synthesizing preferences
    • Research AI/ML and data visualizations to help with analyzing data, but keeping the individual in control of their data, inferences, and privacy
  • Examine the needs and impact on digital literacy, and design approaches to overcome potential challenges
  • Review Preferences Server Future Considerations as needed

Questions to Answer

  • What tools need to be built vs what is currently available and can be integrated with?
  • Does the preference format need to be standardized? If so, how would that look?
  • Is there a way to transform preferences between applications?
  • If preferences are generated through a self-reflective process, where contextualized data is used to determine a preference, how is that contextualization and/or providence maintained?
    • For example, if a preference is created due to an episodic event, it may be useful to understand why that was created, if revisiting at a later time, and or to provide information for how to apply that preference in specific systems.
  • How will conflicts between preferences on a system be resolved?
  • How to ensure that preferences aren't treated as medical conditions/data and used in ways that are detrimental to the individual (e.g. used by insurance companies to increase premiums) ?
  • Where is the Preferences Server or other centralized store hosted?
  • Can SMART and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) compliant medical records be leveraged as a store for preferences shared between medical systems?
    • What privacy measures are needed to make sure that only the "preferences" portions are shared with systems that do not need to access other portions of the medical records?
    • Similar to the Preferences Server, what format standardizations are required for the preferences, or is there a way that these can be transformed for use by each application?