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Survey Questions and Answers (Summarized)


Are there any websites that you find particularly engaging and useful? What are the specific features and/or design characteristics that you like and why?

    • narrow and specific focus, full of easy-to-find information
    • interactive, useful, entertaining
    • very simple, basically a wordpress site, but does a good job of conveying information. 
    • Any well-designed advocacy and research news blog could be a good example
  • Airbnb 
    • visual appeal
    • clear call to actions
    • showcases what it is all about by displaying a large number of interesting examples on the landing page
  • World Economic Forum and the Climate Action Tracker websites 
    • information on various topics and areas arranged in drop-down boxes
    • pill buttons, etc. 
    • Focus on freely flowing, coherent, nested HTML and CSS elements over slower-loading and less flexible JavaScript elements, 
    • Succinct descriptions of the purpose of each page, and what users can hope to do with the information on each page. 
    • clear, bolded, elements of the site that encourages and entices users on how they can take action on issues.


Features Feedback

Design Feedback

What is platform cooperativism - on landing page

Make it more clear what each page is for
Stories/case studies of coops - on landing pageSimple and clear targets
Call to action (how to start a coop)Narrow, specific focus
Tap into existing social media streamsMore specific, granular organisation

Provide links to current talks (videos etc)

Access legal and tech resources - "how to..."

Good search engine (for resources)
Connect with others over shared resources/needs
Tools for developers