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Turn on a screen reader and listen to your page.

  • On Windows, you can download the free, open source screen reader NVDA, or a trial version of Jaws, a popular screen reader. Windows 10 and 11 also come with the build in Narrator screen reader.
  • On a Mac, iOS and iPadOS, the iPhone and iPad;┬áthe operating system includes VoiceOver.

Launch the screen reader, return to the browser and reload your page. Turn off the monitor and listen to the screen reader read your page. Does it make sense? Can you understand what the page is about?

Use the Tab key to navigate the site. Listen to the screen reader read out the links and controls. Does what you hear make sense? Can you tell where focus is based on what's spoken?

titleWhy should you care?

An increasing number of people have visual impairments that make it difficult to see the screen. Many of them use a screen reader, which reads the content of the screen aloud to them. If your page doesn't play nicely with screen readers, these visitors to your site will be leaving pretty quickly.