Baby Bliss Bot

The Baby Bliss Bot project delves into the realm of using AI tools for language development and translation to enhance communication for AAC users who rely on a minority language system. The article Introduction of Baby Bliss Bot Project examines the background of Blissymbolics, the potential of AI technology, and the objectives of the project.

The article Baby Bliss Bot - Experiments with AI describes AI experiments conducted by the project so far. These investigations provide valuable insights into both the potential and constraints of these systems, shedding light on their significance to the Baby Bliss Bot project.

Project related documents and references can be found at the Baby Bliss Bot Google Drive.

The project has two weekly meeting: the language development meeting and the technical meeting. The language meeting is recorded and shared in this Google Drive folder and the Baby Bliss Bot YouTube channel. Meeting notes documents are:

Technical Information

BBB tool technical documentation

Baby Bliss Bot Github Repository