Decapod 1.0 design user testing (June 25, 2010)


Tested against: non-functional design mockups
Participant type: SME
Protocol: informal walkthrough + think aloud


Calibration screens
- The rotate buttons look like refresh, but this might be okay since they're paired left and right
- Are there tool tips on hover? Instinctively want to hover on top of some of the buttons
Capture screens
- A lot of information on the first screen
- It's immediately clear what the next action should be
  - Would likely click on "Click anywhere to capture" next
- Toolbar icon (camera) looks the same as the main capture section icon (camera)
- Undo icons look like refresh and rotate
- Is the "Book Info" for stating book information, or entering book information?
  - Since it's for entering input, maybe it should be renamed to something with a verb, e.g., "Enter book info"
- "Export" should maybe be named "Finished" or "Done" to indicate that this is where you go after you've completed capturing
- Three things are labeled "Capture"--there's a bit of stress from what's expected of the user
- Auto-capture UI makes sense, though the M vs. A toggle doesn't make complete sense
  - Maybe have a link on either side of M and A (one for manual and automatic, respectively)
- Is "Pause" maybe more appropriate than "Stop" during auto-capture?
- Re: re-capture sub-UI: maybe should read "Recapture Now" instead of "Capture"
- Bounding box UI makes sense
- Page numbers aren't in sync (between actual pages and pages of capture)--make this explicit and understandable somehow
- The zoom box idea is interesting and cool
- Maybe use the status bar to indicate that there are problem pages (bounding box intersections)
- Understandable that the list is of different things you can export
- "OCR" may be too technical a term (as with raster, vector, etc.)
- A lot of choices here--not sure which ones users will want
- Archivists will know what options they want
- Not immediately sure what "Pause" and "Remove" are for
- In the queue, maybe better to number the "Untitled"s (e.g., "Untitled 1", "Untitled 2")
- What does "Download" mean?--this is all happening on my computer
  - After some explanation, understands that it's taking this content and saving to another medium
  - Maybe change the label "Download" to "Locate" or something else
- Not all people read documentation beforehand
- Consumers will want to use mismatched cameras
- Book Liberator and Decapod setups are a bit different
- Decapod users are doing archiving, spending a bit of time to get it right, willing to get the right hardware
- Book Liberator users are less likely to be that--more casual users, hobbyists who want quick results using whatever they have
- Book Liberator is planning on selling as a full kit via online store