Mobile storycards, exhibitions, draft 9


- See Exhibitions wireframes

Exhibition browsing

Storycard 1: List exhibitions

- Header should read "Exhibitions".
- Display menu items in list format.
- Menu items are arranged in two sections: "Current" and "Upcoming".
- If there wouldn't be current or upcoming exhibitions, the corresponding section wouldn't be displayed.
- Each exhibition takes a menu item.
- The whole menu item (including all its elements and empty spaces) is tappable.

Storycard 2: Current exhibitions menu item

- Contains a thumbnail of the exhibition, the name of the exhibition and its final date.
- In case the exhibition is permanent, the date is replaced by "Permanent".

Storycard 3: Upcoming exhibitions menu item

- Contains the name of the exhibition and its final date.
- Can include or not an image of the exhibition, depending if it's available.
- The date shows the opening and final dates of the exhibition, if are known.
- Can include special notes (for instance, if an exhibition has been posponed).

Upcoming exhibition

Storycard 4: Show information about an upcoming exhibition

- Header should read the name of the exhibition.
- Displays an image of the exhibition (same thumbnail as on the Exhibitions main page), if available.
- Shows the opening and end dates, if available.
- Contains a textual introduction about the exhibition.
- The introduction can contain links to related websites.