Mobile & Kiosk Scenario (Emily and family at Cultural Heritage Museum)

Emily is a middle aged woman and she is visiting a cultural heritage museum in Surrey, British Columbia with her two sons, Justin(8) and Evan(10). Emily has never visited the museum before, but is hoping that it be both entertaining and provide an opportunity to learn about the city they have recently moved to.

When they enter the museum, Emily speaks to the museum staff to buy tickets and also take out the mobile museum guide. Rather than renting three, Emily opts to take only one, as she is scared that her children might drop and break them. When she turns around with the guide in hand, both children immediately start asking about it, and want to use. After explaining what it is used for, the family moves into the museum exhibition space.

The first display case they encounter is about aboriginal life, and the boys press their hands against the glass to look at the details of the artifacts. Emily not being very familiar with aboriginal life, uses the mobile guide application to learn a little bit about the artifacts on display. While the kids are looking at the display, Emily reads the description of the arrowheads. Using the description provided, Emily is able to structure a question and asks Justin if he can find one of the items that aboriginals used to kill animals. Evan knows the answer and says out loud "the arrowhead". "That's right!", Emily Replies.

The group continues to look at the artifacts on display, often asking questions, some of which Emily can answer, others which she cannot. At one point, Evan asks "what is that thing?". Emily, unsure what the item was used for, enters the item's identification number, which then brings up the "artifact card". On the card is a description of the artifact, along with several images of the artifact in use. Emily then lowers the mobile device's screen so that her two sons can see the images. "pretty cool huh?" remarks Emily.

The family makes their way through the museum, and as they are looking at one of the display cases, Evan wanders off to look at one of the interactive kiosks. Evan starts touching the screen, and calls his brother over to look at it with him. The first screen that appears, displays the following question: "what are you looking for?". It also provides a list of options to choose from. Justin says "Videos, choose videos!". Evan, presses the button for videos and then receives another question "what kind of videos do you want to see?", along with providing a list of options. This time, Evan selects "videos of the Rodeo". After selecting this, they can choose from a selection of videos on the Surrey Rodeo.

While the children are interacting with the kiosks, Emily is looking at some of the artifacts in a display labeled "homelife". At this display case, there is a plaque that informs Emilly that she can listen to stories from people that once used the artifacts on display. She enters the ID code of the artifacts that interest her, and is able to select different videos and audio stories about the artifacts. In particular, the television on display was the same model that her father bought when she, herself, was just a child. She listens to the two stories already posted by other visitors, and decides to post her own. She presses on the audio record button on the device, and begins to recount a story about her personal experience with the television. When she is done recording, she decides to rejoin her children who are interacting with the kiosk.

When she arrives at the kiosk, Emily asks the boys what they've learned about, and they tell their mother about the things that they've watched. They browse the kiosk a little bit more, and Emily is surprised to find that stories on artifacts are also accessible on the kiosk. She looks to see if she can find the one she has just added, but unfortunately it has not been added to the existing list yet(the museum staff need to screen it first). Emily tells the boys that she had recorded a story about a television that her family once owned, and then brings the boys to show them it. When they get there, the boys laugh because it looks so big and old, "it's made out of wood!", Justin says in a loud voice.

The family continues to browse the museum, with Emily periodically using the mobile guide to inform her and help teach her children about items that she is unfamiliar with. As a mother, she likes that she can use the mobile to play games with her children, while also learning about things herself.

On their way out, the museum staff invites the family to video record their thoughts and opinions on a kiosk near the exit. The kids like seeing themselves on the kiosk, and make funny faces, while the mother asks them what they liked about it. The boys respond first, then Emily says a few short words before pressing the "stop record" button. They are given a chance to review their video, before submitting it to the museum database. When the family is happy with their response, they press submit, and then leave the museum.