FluidAPI Changes Since 1.4

API Changes Since 1.4

Component API Changes

Inline Edit

Does the component work using the 1.4 demo code?

  • Simple: (tick)
  • Rich: (warning) "Duplicate Rich Text Inline Edit with Tiny MCE" doesn't work

Keyboard-a11y plugin

Does the component work using the 1.4 demo code? (tick)


Does the component work using the 1.4 demo code? (warning) Demo data doesn't populate table (still investigating if this is a pager issue or a demo issue)


Does the component work using the 1.4 demo code? (tick)


Does the component work using the 1.4 demo code? 

  • List: (tick)
  • Grid: (tick)
  • Image: (tick)
  • Layout: (tick)


Does the component work using the 1.4 demo code? (error)


Does the component work using the 1.4 demo code? (tick)

Flash version

Error rendering macro 'jira' : Unable to locate JIRA server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

uploader support for ff3.x version of html5

Framework API Changes


Does it work using the 1.4 demo code? (tick)


ChangeDocs Updated
Production component: InlineEdit API (strings?) (also, subcomponents where there weren't any)(tick) but the docs could use some work

Production component: Reorderer? subcomponents where there weren't any;

  • will affect integrators that have custom layout managers

started; need guidance on what's changed;

Also, format of docs needs to be brought up to latest designs (see User Interface Options API for an example)

Production component?: Undo (subcomponents where there weren't any):
  • will affect integrators with custom undo strategies
no docs exist yet
Preview component: Pager API:
  • new component name for most default integrations
  • new component structure
Preview component: UIO API:
  • note: prefs saved by 1.4 will not work with 1.5,
  • api is different, UI is different, but user experience same
new components: textfieldSlider and SlidingPanelno docs exist yet
tooltip and tabs: jquery apis have changedno docs exist yet
progressive enhancement:
  • backwards compatibility maintained,
  • new capability to define custom checks
new: prefs framework! 
model transformation:
  • 'expander' renamed to 'transform',
  • new functionality available, including nested transforms
in progress
new model listener functionality:
  • two new configuration blocks:
    • modelListeners and
    • new listener block with member named 'changePath'
new IoC stuff in general 
fluid.defaults with true flag GONE(tick)
reverse merge policy GONE 
fluid.merge has changed in general:
  • numerous changes in policies it supports,
  • it no longer returns same obj ref supplied as first arg, now it returns a fresh block of options

will need to be updated on this page:

Options Merging

fluid.alias is GONEN/A